Specializing in Probate Investigations

3C Options possesses a unique combination of traditional investigative techniques with detailed genealogical research to find owners, heirs and missing family members.

About Us

Scott Elliott retired from the Albuquerque Police Department after 18 years of service, with duties as varied as Patrolman, Gang Unit Detective and Homicide Detective. He also retired as a Lt Col with 28 years combined US Army and USAF service to include tours in Sinai, Panama, Iraq and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Following retirement from APD, he returned to Iraq for 15 months as an advisor in Iraqi Rule of Law matters to the senior US Army commander in Kirkuk, Iraq. Scott has a BA from Western Michigan University.

Barbara Elliott is a genealogist with over 20 years experience who is currently writing two books about Colonial America. She previously worked as a financial counselor for 10 years. She has a BA from Michigan State University and an MA from University of Georgia- Columbus.

We are a small family owned company which we started when we became aware of how many people were not receiving their inheritances and other assets. Even when people know of the assets, the process can be complicated and very time consuming often resulting negatively.

We are your advocates!

Whenever money is involved there are always unscrupulous people ready to take advantage. This is the reason we formed this company. We pride ourselves in our integrity and honesty. We never ask for money up front-NOT A DIME! As your advocates we take all the risk, if we are unsuccessful, we do not profit.

If your case must go to court, we work with some of the best and most honest attorneys we could find (yes, they do exist). We interviewed many attorneys until we were satisfied.

We charge a fee well under the amount allowed by law and never have hidden charges. All expenses are paid by us and never passed on to the client. Once again, the risk is ours.

Finally, we love what we do and the feeling goes beyond being just a job. We are very good- we found you didn't we?